Saturday, August 25, 2007


I love this time of year. Seriously. I think most people in my office dread the new students coming to campus but I really enjoy it. It makes for some really LOONG days, but that's offset by the good times that we have.

Last weekend we took 44 students to St. Louis for a day trip. We saw the zoo, the arch, the City Museum and ate dinner at Charlie Gittos. It was a great time. Here's a picture of us going up in the arch.

And a picture of the baby elephant at the zoo.

On Wednesday, we had comedian Eric O'Shea come to campus. Here's a picture of the Student Activities Commission with Eric (he's in the back with a blue shirt that says, "A#1 Grandpa").

Today we are going to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor! Six Flags was the first "real" job that I ever had and I loved it! So, I really enjoy going back there for the memories, mostly, but also for the Screamin' Eagle.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So, this is late getting posted, but it's the most exciting thing that I've done in the past few weeks (work, work and more work, anyone?). I went to a conference in Breckenridge, CO! It was so nice there - the weather was cool and crisp and a little chilly at night, but that doesn't bother me. The conference was good, not spectacular though, because I would have rather been outside! But, as far as conferences go, I have no complaints.

Each morning (well, two out of three counts, right?) I would go running, however, Breckenridge is at about 9,000 ft and the altitude was so noticeable. The hotel I was staying at was somewhat up a hill (you could go farther up, but if you went down, that was toward the main town). So, I would run down to the main town area, which, at 6:00am was so still and peaceful - it was awesome (especially since I was rockin' to my ipod tunes) and then I would turn around to go back and have to sloooowly run...then walk...back to the hotel. How embarrassing - I don't feel like I am that out of shape, but that altitude totally kicked my butt.

Here are some pictures of the mountains behind the hotel and the rivers that run through town. I am definitely going to try and convince some people at work to let me go back again next year :)