Friday, September 28, 2007

I do not camp...

I have to go camping tonight...*sigh*

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I've never used this blog to vent, but tonight I am going to. Each night I take Jersey out for a run and almost inevitably our neighbors' dog is out -- loose. I like this neighbor, so I have never said anything (which I should, I know) but they let the dog roam the neighborhood. The dog doesn't hurt anything, so that's fine, however, when we are running, this dog runs along with us (usually on the other side of the road) and makes Jersey jump and pull on the leash, which I hate.

See, we have spent countless hours in doggie training class, and at this point I have Jersey trained pretty well on how to run on a leash. Left to her own devices, she does a fairly good job. However, upon the arrival of this neighbor dog, she goes INSANE. It becomes fairly impossible to keep her under control. On top of this, I really value my running time (even though I HATE to run --- how does this make sense?) and don't want to be bothered with trying to make her heal, so I loathe the effect this dog has on Jersey.

There, OK, I have said my piece and I won't worry about it from now on. Maybe another route is in order - one that doesn't go past this dog's house? I don't want to have to change my route, though. I value order and really like the route we take now. Hmm....things to ponder.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome, Tiger Tailgating

This Saturday officially kicks off Tiger tailgating season. Mizzou's first home game will be at 1:00pm against Western Michigan. I love tailgating for several reasons:

1. We get to hang out with our friends, the Rau's, who are super-busy important people and we don't get to see them much of the year.
2. We get to spend the equivalent of a full work day at Faurot Field, cheering on our favorite team.
3. After the game, even if we lose, we stand around in the parking lot and tailgate for at least two hours after the game, which means we totally avoid all of the traffic. How can you argue with that?

If I am counting correctly, this will be our seventh year straight as season-ticket holders. Wow - doesn't that make you feel old? makes me feel old, anyway.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Weekend at the Courics

So this past weekend we visited Katie, Greg, Lily and Norm in St. Louis. We also kicked off the beginning of the Mizzou football season by watching them beat Illinois on Saturday. Here are some pictures from the game:
Katie and me

Jeff and Greg: Too cool for pictures

My dad and Nick

Lily: Didn't make it to the game, but she did wear her Mizzou gear in honor of the Tigers

On Sunday, we attempted to go to the St. Louis County Fair airshow to watch the Blue Angels. Apparently, ALL of St. Louis had the same idea, so we decided to bypass sitting in a long line of cars for watching the show in a parking lot. On the way to the parking lot, we stopped for some Ben and Jerry's.

What's cool about this picture is that Jeff is actually holding Lily up

Here we are at the airshow:

Lily wasn't too happy at first about how loud the planes were, but then she decided to take a nap

Here's a video of the Blue Angels flying over

On Sunday night we played some cards with Katie & Greg and Lou & Sarah. This was great fun because the guys decided to cheat, but we didn't let them. They were penalized and we had to start the game over. Although the guys won in the end, the total score for the weekend ended up being, Girls: 2, Guys: 1. Bring on the rematch!