Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Camera, Work and More...

So, I haven't updated in forever because of two reasons:

1. Work was soooo busy before graduation last weekend. I mean, seriously, I think I worked every day (including Sat and Sun) for the past five weeks, and before that, it was still ALL the time!

2. I lost my camera! (or, someone nabbed it, but I am thinking I just misplaced it...) so I can't update with pictures!

But, now that graduation has come and gone, things are much quieter at work and I have time to update!

So, the big news: we are having a baby this fall! I would like to include the really bad ultrasound pic we have, but I don't have that on this computer. I'll post it sometime. And, for those wondering (because I always wonder about other people) I have been reassured by many people that no, you can't tell. I can tell...but no one else can. Unfortunately. It's kinda a bummer now that everyone knows that you still can't tell. I'm about four months, so I guess that'll happen sometime :)

If I find my camera (when?) then I promise to post some baby bump pics because I know that it makes me happy when other people do.